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Basset Hound Check-Up

Soft Tissue and Orthopedic Surgery

Does your pet need an operation? At Pet Med Clinic, we understand that bringing a loved one in for surgery can be a time filled with anxiety and concern. Our mission is to place your mind at ease by going above and beyond to ensure a safe and successful surgical experience for both you and your pet.

Our highly skilled doctors are experienced in performing a broad range of surgical procedures, both routine and complex. From the moment your pet’s surgery is recommended until it’s time to bring them home to start the recovery process, you and your companion will be in excellent hands.

Before your pet’s surgery…

Prior to scheduling your pet’s procedure, we will conduct a thorough exam to ensure that he or she is healthy enough to proceed. Pre-surgical screening is recommended because it allows us to further analyze your companion’s overall health and identify any areas of concern that we must account for during surgery. Rest assured that we will take every measure to keep your pet safe and comfortable at all times while in our care.

Once we’ve got the green light to proceed, we’ll then get to work developing a plan to manage your pet’s pain – before, during and following the procedure. At Pet Med Clinic, we use only the safest and most effective anesthetic products, which we tailor to each patient to maximize pain control while minimizing risk.

During Surgery

Our experienced technicians will begin by getting your pet settled in and comfortable. Once your companion is safely anesthetized, the doctor will get to work to complete the surgery as quickly and efficiently as possible. Members of our care team will remain on hand at all times to assist with surgery and monitor your pet’s vital parameters throughout the procedure.

Types of surgery we perform in-house include:

  • General Surgery

  • Endoscopic Surgery

  • Orthopedic Surgery

  • Ophthalmic Surgery

  • Laser Surgery

We are pleased to offer laser surgery for most procedures performed by our doctors. Laser surgery is favored because it is minimally invasive, less painful, reduces bleeding and typically heals much faster than traditional surgical methods.

Post-Surgical Care

When your pet’s surgery is complete, we will carefully relocate them to our quiet recovery area. There, he or she will be made comfortable and continuously monitored as the anesthesia begins to wear off. A member of our team will reach out to you to discuss how the surgery went and arrange for you to pick up your pet. In most cases, surgical patients are able to go home the same day as their procedure.

When you arrive for pickup, we will spend some time explaining our post-operative care instructions. These will explain how to best help your pet heal and may also include a plan for pain management to make the recovery process as comfortable as possible for your loved one. Of course, should any questions or concerns arise once you return home, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’re happy to help!

If your four-legged family member needs surgery, there’s no need to worry – especially when you’ve got the experienced team at Pet Med Clinic in your corner. We’re here to handle all of your surgical care needs and make your pet’s procedure a success!

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